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Coiled Spring

Living Forest

Living Forest

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Living Forest

The forest is on fire and the Sacred Tree is in danger!

Four spirts Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn have been called to rescue the Sacred Tree from the grips of Onibi’s devastating flames.

Plant protective trees, fend off flames, combine valuable elements, and awaken Sanki – the Guardian of the Forest in order to win the title of Grand Protector. But beware, at the end of each turn Onibi attacks again. Can you save the forest in time?

What’s in the box?

  • 14 starting Guardian Animal cards for each of the four spirits of nature.
  • 23 level 1 Guardian Animal cards
  • 16 level 2 Guardian Animal cards
  • 12 level 3 Guardian Animal cards
  • 23 Fire Varan cards

How to Play

In living forest, you play as Spirit’s of Nature trying to save the forest and its sacred tree from Onibi’s relentless attacks.

This can be done in 3 ways:

  • by planting 12 different Protective Trees,
  • by collecting 12 sacred flowers to waken Sanki the great Guardian of the Forest,
  • by extinguishing 12 fires to permanently repel Onibi.

Each turn, you call Guardian Animals which bring some elements to support you in your actions.

Each turn comprises of 3 actions.

The Guardian Animals Phase:

With your team of 14 Guardian Animals, draw and turn face up one after the other, the Guardian Animal cards from your personal draw stack. This is your help line. During this phase you can discard a fragment tile to either; destroy a Fire Varan card you have just drawn or place a Guardian Animal cards that you have just drawn back to your personal discard stack.

Action Phase:

Play in turns, starting with the person possessing the sacred tree.

The strength of the action is determined by the number of elements visible on the Guardian Animal cards in your help line, and on your forest board.

Different actions include:

  • Taking a fragment tile.
  • Attract one of more Guardian Animals and add up their suns.
  • Extinguish the fire by adding up the amount of water elements and pick a fire token with a cost lower than your water symbols to extinguish.
  • Move forward on the circle of spirits. Add up the amount of spirit elements you have and move forward that amount of spaces. This will gain you victory points.
  • Plant one (but only one) Protective tree. Place it on your forest adjacent to another one. This will permanently give you its effect, and provide you with a certain number of elements.

The game ends when a player collects either 12 different protective trees, 12 fires, or 12 sacred flowers.


Living Forest features comprehensive gameplay and stunning artwork.

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