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Mech A Dream

Mech A Dream

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Do robots dream of electric sheep? The year 2143 sees robots and humans living in harmony, but the machines are unable to dream! In your workshop, bolt together as many dreams as you can for your mechanical friend by optimising your resources and construction time.

What’s in the box?

For each player:

  • 1 Workshop board with two resource indicators, one conveyor belt with 7 slots, and one workshop with 9 slots (for finished machines)
  • 3 Assistant meeples and 2 Electric Sheep meeples

Shared Components:

  • 1 Factory board (double-sided) with 3 conveyor belts, one delivery dock, one stock room and one calendar
  • 50 Machine tiles separated into 4 types
  • 10 Delivery cards
  • 1 Phase pawn
  • 1 Day marker
  • 4 Cloud tokens
  • 28 Rainbow meeples

How to play:

In Mech A Dream you manage your own production workshop. Give your Assistants different tasks during the day and optimize the construction time of your dream machines along the conveyor belt of your workshop. Manage the production of your workshop as best you can to earn more Dream points than your opponents at the end of the work week.

There are both Day and Night Phases that each comprise of their own steps towards constructing your dream machines from gaining resources in the stock room or delivery dock to working in the workshop to actually completing the machine!

The Mech A Dream project ends when one of these two conditions are met at the end of a Night phase:

  • The Night Phase that has just ended is of the seventh day on the calendar or
  • A player has built nine machines or more in their workshop

At the end of this last workday, figure out your score by adding together your dream points. The player who has the highest dream points total wins the game.


Be proud of having produced so many wonderful dreams for your robots!

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