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Dungeon Saga Origins: Glimmer of Greed Expansion

Dungeon Saga Origins: Glimmer of Greed Expansion

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Adventure calls again!  Glimmer of Greed is an exciting expansion for the Dungeon Saga Origins game featuring a new story to play through that introduces a host of new enemies from the dangerous Goblin faction in the world of Pannithor.  With a range of new components, new cards, and a sprinkling of new rules for the Overlord and Hero players alike it’s time to muster your favoured companions and best equipment for another heroic tale!

A New Adventure of old friends

Glimmer of Greed is designed as a follow-up storyline to the Trial of Tyranny quest found in the Dungeon Saga Origins core game.  This makes it ideal to play through using the original four characters, Danor, Madriga, Orlaf, and Rordin as a continuation of their tale!

Glimmer of Greed is an immersive new adventure, setting your mighty heroes on a quest to recover the ancient blade known as Glimmerdrake. Bringing new locations, enemies, and mechanics into the game, brace yourselves for a new challenge!

Contains the Glimmer of Greed quest book, 14 goblin miniatures, a new dungeon tile, tokens, and cards.

NOTE: This set is an expansion. The Dungeon Saga Origins core game is required to play.

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