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Star Wars: Shatterpoint - Clone Force 99

Star Wars: Shatterpoint - Clone Force 99

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Star Wars: Shatterpoint - Clone Force 99

Discover the Elite: Star Wars: Shatterpoint - Clone Force 99

Embark on thrilling new missions with "Star Wars: Shatterpoint - Clone Force 99," the latest expansion in the Star Wars universe that brings intense action and strategy to your gaming table. Perfect for fans of the Star Wars saga and tactical gameplay enthusiasts alike.

Key Features of Star Wars: Shatterpoint - Clone Force 99

  • Elite Squad: Command Clone Force 99, also known as the Bad Batch, a unique squad of genetically enhanced clones with extraordinary skills.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Engage in high-stakes missions where strategy and teamwork are essential to overcome challenging scenarios and powerful adversaries.
  • Expansive Content: This set includes detailed miniatures of each squad member, along with mission cards and unique abilities that reflect their synergy and individual strengths.

Dive into Tactical Combat "Star Wars: Shatterpoint - Clone Force 99" offers a deeply engaging gameplay experience that captures the essence of the Star Wars tactical combat scenarios. Whether you're orchestrating covert operations or leading direct assaults, this game challenges your strategic thinking and immerses you in the lore of Star Wars.

A Must-Have for Star Wars Collectors Not only is this game a dynamic addition to any gaming session, but it also serves as a collector's item with its meticulously crafted miniatures of Clone Force 99. Each figure is designed with attention to detail, making them perfect for display or active play.

Join the ranks of the galaxy’s most formidable squad with "Star Wars: Shatterpoint - Clone Force 99." Ready to leave your mark on the galaxy?

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