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The Cryptguard, ghouls of exceptional tenacity and merit, ascend to an elite echelon through acts of enduring valor witnessed by their vampiric liege. Entrusted with the sacred duty of safeguarding their unholy masters, these loyal mordants wield weapons bestowed upon them from the royal armory—blades adorned with rust, caked in gore, and steeped in decades of maddening energies and infectious filth.

This multipart plastic kit allows the construction of 10 Cryptguard, dedicated ghoul retainers serving the nobility of the Flesh-eater Courts. Armed with a variety of cursed weapons, each ghoul can be equipped with a chipped and battered sword or a long-handled, well-worn halberd. The kit also features components to assemble a drummer musician, a standard bearer proudly displaying a flag made from flayed skin, and a Crypt Captain champion boasting uniquely grisly headgear.

Explore the diversity of your horde by utilizing the abundance of cosmetic options provided in the kit. Alternate arms and armaments, along with a collection of increasingly gruesome interchangeable heads, allow you to craft a truly varied assembly of ferocious ghouls.

Comprising 100 plastic components and 10 Citadel 25mm Round Bases, this kit presents unpainted miniatures awaiting your creative touch. Assemble them with Citadel Plastic Glue and bring them to life with Citadel Colour paints, unleashing a formidable force of ghoulish guardians on the battlefield.

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