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Battle of the Bulge - Bolt Action Starter Set

Battle of the Bulge - Bolt Action Starter Set

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Battle of the Bulge - Bolt Action Starter Set

This is a pre-order product and is due to be released September 2024 .

Products ordered at the same time will be held until it is ready to go!

Welcome to the latest release of Bolt Action, the premier World War II wargame! This starter set is your ideal gateway into the thrilling world of Bolt Action, equipped with everything necessary for immediate gameplay.

This set includes an A5 softback rulebook with all the essential rules for engaging and quick-paced Bolt Action games. It also features a selection of exquisitely crafted plastic miniatures to kickstart your hobby and have you playing in no time. Command the resilient German Fallschirmjäger paratroopers or the steadfast US Army infantry as they engage in the iconic frozen landscapes of the Battle of the Bulge. These miniatures, designed for winter warfare with detailed cold-weather attire and an array of weaponry, serve as the perfect foundation for a Bolt Action collection and offer a fantastic opportunity for both newcomers and seasoned hobbyists.

But there's more than just infantry. The set also includes a versatile plastic American M8 armoured car, which can be constructed as the M20 variant, providing crucial support for US forces against German assaults. Additionally, a plastic ruined farmhouse is included to offer tactical cover during your skirmishes.

The Battle of the Bulge starter set provides everything you need to begin your Bolt Action: Third Edition adventure—simply assemble your models and start the battle! After enjoying your initial games with the provided introductory booklet, you're well-prepared to expand your collection and further explore the expansive and exciting realm of World War II wargaming.

Please note: Models are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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