Dark Angels: Deathwing Assault Army Set

Dark Angels: Deathwing Assault Army Set

The Deathwing, elite members of the Dark Angels, stand out as the most exceptional warriors. Led by the Grand Master Belial, they consist of skilled veterans clad in Terminator armor and wielding powerful weapons from the Chapter's sacred armories. Belial commands a force of 15 Terminators, including 10 classic Deathwing style Terminators and 5 formidable Deathwing Knights armed with heirloom weapons... 

Pre-orders go live at 10am on Saturday for the long-awaited Deathwing Assault Army Set.

We have secured a good allocation and will be offering them at our usual RRP less 20% which means that you get this lot for £108 rather than £135!

10x Space Marine Terminators
5x NEW Deathwing Knights
2x NEW Dark Angels upgrade frames
the NEW Belial character
Dark Angels - Codex Supplement* 
Datasheet Cards, both with bespoke covers exclusive to this set.
*(Codex - Space Marines needed to play the army) 
Deathwing Assault Army Box Image
Bookmark the link below and jump on at 10am on Saturday to secure your copy. 
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If you have any left please let me know

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