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Coiled Spring

Wonder Woods

Wonder Woods

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Fall is here and the mushrooms are growing a-plenty in the Wonder Woods! You and your friends are ready to explore the best patches to harvest marvelous mushrooms of all shapes and sizes. Use your talent for mushroom picking to create the most delicious combinations.
But beware, you are not the only ones to know about this tasty undergrowth!

What’s in the box?

  • 35 Wooden Baskets
  • 56 Wooden Mushrooms
  • 1 First Player Mushroom
  • 4 Mushroom Patch Boards
  • 16 Information Cards

How to play:

In Phase 1: The Harvest, choose a Mushroom Patch and place your baskets on it:

  • You must place your baskets on the column that is the furthest left on your chosen Mushroom Patch by filling all the empty spaces of this column. When you have filled this, collect one of the available mushrooms under this Mushroom Patch and place this in front of you. If there are no mushrooms left, you cannot collect any.
  • If you do not have enough baskets to completely fill a column, you must choose a different Mushroom Patch.
  • If all the columns of a Mushroom Patch are already full, you cannot place more baskets on this patch.
  • If you cannot or do not want to place baskets on a patch you can skip your turn.
  • Once you have collected a mushroom, it is the turn of the player to your left.
  • The harvesting phase lasts until all the players have skipped their turn.

In Phase 2: Information Exchange, you must either: place an Information card from your hand face down in front of you and take an extra one of your coloured baskets or skip your turn. After all the players have made their choice, all players that took a basket turn over the card they placed in front of them at the same time.

After revealing Information cards, the information exchange phase is over. The player with the First Player token gives this to the player on their left and a new round begins.

The game ends when at least two patches have no more mushrooms left. Players finish the harvest phase and then the game ends. Turn over the Information card that was placed under each Mushroom Patch at the start of the game. The numbers on these cards determine the value of each corresponding mushroom variety. Work out the total value of all your mushrooms.

The player who has the highest total wins the game!


Each of the baskets and mushrooms are wonderfully crafted from wood.

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