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The Chill of Twilight: Ambush 2-player set

The Chill of Twilight: Ambush 2-player set

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The Twilight Kin have purposefully discarded the morality and compassion that once defined Elvenholme during the kingdom's zenith. In their relentless pursuit to resurrect the glories of the past, they have forsaken the very essence that shaped that era, transforming into a sinister menace in the world of Pannithor.

Despite their rugged appearance, the elves known as Ice Kin possess the same grace and swiftness as their counterparts from other kindreds. Armed with keen blades and heightened senses, they fiercely defend their newfound home, their winter attire doing little to impede their elven agility. Faced with the threat of invasion and reluctant to align with their Imperial cousins, dwarven outcasts find solace in Chill, braving the unforgiving frozen wastelands to reach sanctuary.

This extraordinary Ambush starter set provides an ideal entry point for two players embarking on their Kings of War journey, featuring a showdown between the malevolent Twilight Kin and the resilient Northern Alliance.


  • 16x Hard Plastic Twilight Kin Corsair Voidwalkers/Fleetwardens
  • 3x Hard Plastic Twilight Kin Impalers
  • 20x Hard Plastic Ice Kin Hunters / Half-Elf Berserkers
  • 2x Hard Plastic Frostclaw Riders
  • 1x MDF 100x80mm Base
  • 2x MDF 100x40mm Bases
  • 2x MDF 150x50mm Bases
  • 1x Twilight Kin Ambush Sheet
  • 1x Northern Alliance Ambush Sheet
  • 1x Ambush Rulebook
  • 1x Ambush Scenario Sheet

NOTE: Supplied unpainted and unassembled.


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