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Buy Cheap Warhammer T'au and Kroot 40k models Now, Get up to 25% Off RRP - Free UK Delivery Over £75 - Royal Mail 24 Service Available At Checkout. 

Step into the wild and ferocious world of the Kroot, the ultimate hunters of the T’au Empire! These cunning creatures are more than just allies – they're a force to be reckoned with, bringing unparalleled fury and a hefty appetite to the battlefield.

With the T'au Empire: Army Set - Kroot Hunting Pack army set, you're in for a wild ride! Picture this: 20 brand-spanking-new plastic Kroot Carnivores and a Krootox Rider leading the charge, all under the watchful eye of a seasoned Kroot War Shaper. But wait, there's more! A Flesh Shaper is there to amp up the pack's power through some seriously savage rituals, while three rowdy Kroot Rampagers dive headfirst into the fray.

But that's not all! This box isn't just about the minis – it's your ticket to the T’au Empire's secrets with the debut of Codex: T’au Empire. Inside, you'll find all the rules you need not just for the miniatures in this set, but for the entire T’au Empire army, complete with stunning artwork to boot.

And hold onto your hats, because there's even more goodies packed in! You'll snag a pack of 44 cards, including an army rule card, double-sided drone rules card, four Combat Patrol datasheets, and a whopping 38 T’au Empire Datasheets. Plus, it all comes neatly packaged in a special cardboard slipcase with an elastic strap, making it perfect for toting around to all your gaming sessions.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the fray with the Kroot and unleash some serious mayhem on the battlefield!

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