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Basilean Ambush Starter Set

Basilean Ambush Starter Set

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Throughout centuries, Basilea has steadfastly regarded itself as the ultimate bastion of humanity—a radiant center of man's power, knowledge, and the guardian of the traditions set forth by Primovantor, whose influence lingers in its shadow. While characterized by a conservative nature and occasionally paralyzed by ritual, Basilea nonetheless mirrors the ancient glories of that bygone civilization. Boasting the largest cities, the wealthiest princes, and the most potent mages among all the kingdoms of Men, Basilea staunchly asserts its role as the sole authentic protector of Primovantor's legacy.


  • 40 x Hard Plastic Basilean Swordsmen/Spearmen/Crosssbowmen
  • 1 x MDF 100x80mm Base
  • 2 x MDF 100x40mm Base
  • 1 x Basilean Ambush Sheet
  • 1 x Ambush Rulebook

NOTE: Supplied unpainted and unassembled.


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