New Legions Imperialis - May 4th Pre-orders

New Legions Imperialis - May 4th Pre-orders

If you like teeny tiny tanks with a side order of grim dark then this is your week!  Check out what you can pre-order this Saturday, May 4th, from 10:00am: 


Solar Auxilia – Stormhammers: Stormhammers are colossal mobile fortresses bristling with an array of potent weaponry. Often accompanying Solar Auxilia Tercios and formations of smaller tanks, these behemoths roll into battle, crushing their foes beneath their treads. This set provides two of these formidable super-heavy tanks at epic scale, each customizable with multi-laser or lascannon sponsons.

Solar Auxilia – Malcador Squadron: The backbone of many Solar Auxilia forces consists of squadrons of tanks, such as the Malcador, a relic from the Age of Strife on Old Earth. With its robust armor and formidable armament driven by a powerful yet volatile engine, the Malcador surprises with its speed, swiftly penetrating enemy lines. This package includes four epic scale Malcador Heavy Tanks, each configurable with various weapons, including a Malcador battle cannon, twin lascannons, or a Vanquisher battle cannon.

Dracosan Transport Detachment: Grant your Solar Auxilia infantry respite from the march by transporting them swiftly to the heart of battle in spacious Dracosan Transport Tanks. This set comprises six expansive epic scale vehicles, each adaptable with twin lascannons or demolisher cannons for fire support post-deployment.

Legiones Astartes – Sicaran Squadron: The Sicaran battle tank, born of collaboration between Ferrus Manus and Roboute Guilliman, stands as an advanced marvel. Swift and powerful, this mobile tank embodies the ruthless warfare tactics of the Legiones Astartes. Included are four epic scale tanks, each capable of bearing twin-linked accelerator autocannon or omega plasma arrays, with optional sponson-mounted heavy bolters or lascannons.

Legiones Astartes – Legion Fast Attack: Equip your Space Marines for swift strikes and adaptability on the battlefield with this assortment of agile vehicles and cavalry. This box features four bases of Outriders, six bases of Scimitar Jetbikes, four Javelin Land Speeders, and four Land Speeders, totaling 32 epic scale miniatures.

Legiones Astartes – Dreadnought Drop Pods: Launch your Dreadnoughts directly into combat from orbiting battleships with the formidable Dreadnought Drop Pods. This pack contains four epic scale pods with opening doors, convertible into Palisade Drop Pods—a new variant fortified with a heavy shield generator, providing cover for troops within.

These epic scale reinforcements hit our pre-order page on Saturday May 4th at 10:00am.  See you then!

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