Exciting News from the World of Miniatures Gaming!

Exciting News from the World of Miniatures Gaming!

New Kings of War Ambush Sets are available for pre-order including a fantastic two-player Ambush starter set!

In a nutshell, we think that Kings of War is the best rank and flank miniatures wargame and we think you will, too. 

Rank and Flank is back in vogue and there's never been a better time to dive into the epic battles of Mantic Games' Kings of War! 🏰🎲 Command mighty armies, conquer realms, and unleash your strategic prowess on the tabletop battlefield. From stunning miniatures to immersive lore, Kings of War offers an unparalleled gaming experience. 🌟 Whether you're a seasoned general or a newcomer to the hobby, Kings of War promises endless hours of epic clashes and strategic triumphs. 🔥⚔️ Join the community, embark on heroic campaigns, and forge your legacy in this captivating fantasy world! 🚀✨

The Chill of Twilight 2-Player Ambush Starter Set

The Chill of Twilight 2-Player Ambush Starter SetThis exceptional Ambush starter set provides an ideal entry point for two players embarking on their Kings of War journey, pitting the malevolent Twilight Kin against the resilient Northern Alliance.

The Twilight Kin have intentionally abandoned the moral values and compassion that once enriched Elvenholme during the pinnacle of the kingdom's influence. Driven ruthlessly to resurrect past glories, they have forsaken the very essence of their history, transforming into a menacing force within the world of Pannithor.

Despite their rugged appearance, the elves known as Ice Kin possess the same grace and swiftness as their counterparts from other kinships. Armed with keen blades and heightened senses, they fiercely defend their newfound home. Their winter attire does little to hinder their elven agility. Faced with the looming threat of invasion and unwilling to align with their Imperial relatives, dwarven outcasts gravitate towards Chill, braving the unforgiving frozen landscapes in pursuit of refuge.

Basilean Ambush Starter SetBasilean Ambush Starter SetFor ages, Basilea has regarded itself as humanity's final radiant stronghold, positioned at the core of mankind's influence and knowledge. It steadfastly upholds the traditions of Primovantor, persisting in the shadow of this ancient figure. While inherently conservative and bound by ritual, Basilea retains echoes of the ancient splendors of that bygone civilization. Among the kingdoms of Men, its cities stand as the largest, its princes the wealthiest, and its mages the most potent. Basilea staunchly claims the exclusive role as the genuine guardian of Primovantor's legacy.

Abyssal Dwarf Ambush Starter SetAbyssal Dwarf Ambush Starter SetIn contrast to the forces of good, whose hearts may occasionally succumb to the tempting embrace of darkness, the forces of evil exhibit a near-universal absence of goodness within themselves. Hailing from the far reaches of the northern lands, the estranged kin of King Golloch's people engage in clandestine plots and schemes within the flickering light of their halls. Distorted to the point of almost unrecognizability, the Abyssal Dwarfs are propelled by an insatiable craving for power and wealth that transcends mortal notions of desire. Fueled by these insatiable urges, they meticulously plan a campaign for world domination.

Forces of Nature Ambush Starter SetForces of Nature Ambush Starter SetIn the realm of Pannithor, neutrality transcends mere abstention from aligning with specific races or choosing sides between good and evil. For the Forces of Nature, the paramount influences are natural balance and ecological harmony. The Green Lady perpetually endeavors to maintain equilibrium in the world, resisting the overpowering forces of both good and evil. She is committed to thwarting any attempts to disrupt this balance, regardless of the identities of those who seek to undo it.

All of these fantastic boxes can be pre-ordered at RRP less 25% until the end of January here.  

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