Chaos, Order, Death & Destruction in #NewAoS - The Gods' Strife.

Chaos, Order, Death & Destruction in #NewAoS - The Gods' Strife.

Prepare yourselves for the upcoming summer release of the latest edition of Age of Sigmar, heralding the dawn of a fresh chapter in the sprawling saga of the Mortal Realms.

Archaon, the formidable Grand Marshal of Chaos, has forged an ominous pact with the deity of the Skaven, unleashing the swarming vermin upon the Mortal Realms. In return, the Horned Rat seeks ascension to the esteemed Pantheon of Chaos, a proposition met with disdain by the other Ruinous Powers who guard their lofty positions with fierce jealousy.

Standing in opposition are the stalwart champions of the Pantheon of Order, led by the indomitable Sigmar, who defend their burgeoning settlements established amidst the tumultuous events of the Dawnbringers saga. Meanwhile, Nagash, the enigmatic god of Death, relentlessly pursues his ambition to reign supreme over both the living and the dead.

Amidst this backdrop of conflict, the primal forces of Gork and Mork hunger for ever more Destruction, revelling in the chaos that unfolds.

The fate of the Mortal Realms hangs in the balance in Warhammer: The Age of Sigmar. Whether seasoned veterans or eager newcomers, all are urged to ready themselves for the impending release by selecting their chosen Spearhead for the battles ahead.

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