Age of Sigmar Prize Draw

Age of Sigmar Prize Draw

So far, Age of Sigmar 4th Edition is looking pretty cool and it seems to be going down well with our local gaming community over at Mighty Melee Gaming Group

We’re hearing good things from folk looking to try AoS for the first time and from gnarly old gamers who are thinking about expanding a force or starting a new faction. This got us thinking that it might be fun to have a raffle to celebrate the #newaos

Starting April 18th, and running through to midnight on the day before the published release date, anyone buying an Age of Sigmar Vanguard or Spearhead boxset from us will get a raffle ticket entering them in our AoS 4th Edition raffle with a chance to win one of three Mighty Melee Games store vouchers:

1st Prize £100

2nd Prize £50

3rd Prize £25

So, choose your faction, grab your boxset, build it and get it painted ready for 4th Edition and cross your fingers. Good luck!

Btw, our Vanguard and Spearhead boxes move fast. If yours is out of stock you can still buy it on back order and get your raffle ticket.

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