A Mad King and Blood Queen top the Bill for the Grand Alliance of Death

A Mad King and Blood Queen top the Bill for the Grand Alliance of Death

This week's Warhammer pre-orders will delight followers of the Grand Alliance of Death, kicking things off with...

Dawnbringers: Book IV: The Mad King Rises.

Are you prepared to embark on the unending journey through Aqshy and Ghyran in the fourth chapter of this sweeping saga? Regrettably for the besieged Sigmarites, the relentless forces of Death eagerly await their arrival with open arms.

Ushoran, Mortarch of Delusion

Ushoran is the perfect poster boy for Dawnbringers: Book IV. He's a complex character who conceals his beastly nature behind a convincing facade of chivalry. As the Mortarch of Delusion, he is a formidable force, leading his ghoul minions with ease as they conquer Nagash's enemies.


Fangs of the Blood Queen

Serving the rival Neferata, the Fang of Nulahmia stands as a devoted servant. Much like her mistress, Sekhar is a cunning manipulator, skillfully influencing both enemies and allies through subtle suggestion and potent hypnosis. The assembly known as the Fangs of the Blood Queen offers the initial opportunity to acquire Sekhar and her serpentine companion, Ouboroth, accompanied by 10 Dire Wolves and three Fell Bats


Battletome: Flesh-eater Courts

Immerse yourself in the intoxicating illusion through the individual launch of this battletome, presenting the blood-stained narrative of the macabre horrors convinced of their chivalrous prowess. Encounter all the essential rules to deploy this army onto the battlefield, comprising 27 warscrolls and pitched battle profiles for your knightly cannibals, an array of thematic enhancements, Path to Glory rules, and a showcase of artwork painted by the ’Eavy Metal team.


Grand Justice Gormayne

A royal court lacks purpose without a paragon of sound judgment to adjudicate those who defy the Summerking's will. Grand Justice Gormayne dispenses his verdicts devoid of leniency, stirring his minions into fervor through impassioned, spit-laden orations.


Abhorrant Cardinal

Endowed with mystical might upon tasting from the Carrion King's chalice, Abhorrant Cardinals are fervent clerics dedicated to disseminating the teachings of Ushoran throughout the Mortal Realms. Their mesmerizing sermons possess the ability to wear down the resilience of even the most unwavering warriors.


Royal Decapitator

The Carrion Court's Royal Decapitators excel at their singular task. Despite the wear and tear on their pock-marked and rusted axes, these grim executioners are more than capable of efficiently beheading their victims for their vampiric overlords. They approach this macabre duty with a frenzied determination.


Varghulf Courtier

Among Ushoran's followers, Varghulf Courtiers are the most profoundly altered, as vampires transformed into loping, bestial entities. In the deluded perception of the Carrion Court, these loathsome creatures are revered as blessed champions, emerging from their dank cloisters solely when the specter of battle looms. However, the adversaries of the Flesh-eaters perceive their authentic chiropteran nature, often witnessing it firsthand as they are torn asunder by the creatures' elongated limbs.


Marrowscroll Herald

Within the realms of the Flesh-eater Courts, internal relations and diplomacy unfold akin to any other kingdom, and the Marrowscroll Heralds stand as esteemed envoys. They disseminate the glorious tidings of their benevolent liege throughout the Mortal Realms, leaving behind a path of madness and destruction.



The Cryptguards stand as the dedicated bodyguards of the abhorrants, equipped with the finest weapons from their armories. In their perception, these weapons are masterpieces adorned with filigree, yet in reality, they are corroded relics soaked in corpse-juices. Even the slightest cut from these tainted blades can transform a courageous warrior into a trembling wreck. This set allows the assembly of 10 Cryptguards, offering a selection of weapons and heads, along with choices for a champion, standard bearer, and musician.


Morbheg Knights

The Morbheg Knights form a chivalric order, displaying shields and flags adorned with grotesque representations of traditional heraldry. Loyal to their abhorrant monarchs, they charge into enemy ranks, the ear-piercing howls from their nightshrieker steeds creating chaos as the carnage unfolds. This set enables the assembly of three Morbheg Knights, offering interchangeable heads, two shields each, and the choice of a champion, standard bearer, and musician.


Flesh-eater Courts Dice Set

And finally, you can complement your legion of gaunt ghouls with the Flesh-eater Courts dice set. This box includes 16 dice in a pallid grey hue with red ink pips. Each die showcases the distinctive Flesh-eater Courts faction icon on the sixth face.

This gruesome lot will be very popular so if you want one or more for your Grand Alliance of Death collection visit our pre-order page at 10:00am this Saturday, February 3rd.  





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